Texas Immigration Reform Group Responds to Failure of Governor’s “Virtual” Border Security

Growing number of Texans demand Texas National Guard deployment

AUSTIN, TX -- This is one time the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT) agrees with Texas Sen. Eliot Shapleigh (D- El Paso) when he recently commented on the ineffective “virtual border system” implemented by Governor Rick Perry to appease the growing number of Texans demanding real border security. 

IRCOT Co-Founder Rebecca Forest responded to the recent report saying,  “Sen. Shapleigh got it right when he said the Governor’s plan for securing the border made Texas the source of international ridicule.  While the entire world laughs at this joke of a  “virtual” border defense system in Texas , we remind our Governor that we don't find it funny at all!”   IRCOT represents a wide variety of groups and citizens calling for better protection of U.S. borders. 

In a  September 30, 2008 press release, Governor Perry admitted that dangerous transnational gangs are infiltrating Texas cities.  Recently there have been multiple reports of these gangs and terrorist organizations probing and colluding with Mexican Cartels to find points of infiltration into Texas.   Forest further stated,  “How can the Texas Governor continue to pretend that border security is an immigration only issue?  This is a matter of national security and the Texas Governor should be sending the Texas National Guard to the border as he proposed to Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in April of this year.  Our Governor took an oath to protect Texans, with or without the assistance of the federal government – he has both the power and ability to do so.  Texans don't expect Obama to protect them -- but they sure as hell expect Rick Perry to!!  If he can't, then maybe we need to find out if Senator Hutchison will."


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IRCOTImmigration Reform Coalition of Texas

For Immediate Release 

April 1, 2009

Immigration Reform Groups Launch Radio Ads


Dallas-area ad campaign urges lawmakers

to get serious on sanctuary cities


The Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas, representing a wide variety of groups and citizens calling for better protection of the U.S. border and control of illegal immigration in Texas, has launched a series of radio ads that will play in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to urge lawmakers there to get serious on eliminating “sanctuary city” policies.  The IRCOT co-founding organizations are:  Citizens for Immigration Reform (Dallas/Ft. Worth); Central Texans for Secure Borders (Austin/Central Texas); and Texans for Immigration Reform (Houston). 


“Gangs like MS-13 often work with Mexican cartels and are infiltrating our state and bringing the Mexican drug war to U.S. soil,” said IRCOT director Rebecca Forest. “These gangs are predominately made up of illegal immigrants and sanctuary city policies are protecting their members, encouraging more drug violence and making matters worse – not better – for U.S. born minorities who are far and wide the biggest victims of that violence.”


Rep. Burt Solomons (R-Carrollton), House State Affairs Committee Chairman, has a number of important immigration and border security measures assigned to his committee as well as legislation to end sanctuary city policies.


“The people of Texas have spoken clearly and this is an issue they want addressed,” Forest said. “Last session, the legislature dragged its feet until it was too late. We can’t afford to do that again which is why IRCOT decided it was important to let citizens know where the roadblocks are originating.  Elected leaders in Texas need to remember their oaths of office and the duty they have to protect and provide for citizens, first and foremost.”


The ads began airing on Tuesday, 3/31/09 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on KSKY 660 AM & 92.2 FM. For more information, go to


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