Mission Statement

Though primarily formed to unite Texans in matters concerning immigration reform, the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (“IRCOT”) strives to serve all citizens of the U.S.

IRCOT seeks to educate Texans on the wide variety of serious problems associated with illegal immigration and communicate our positions to relevant elected leaders.  Participation in IRCOT is open to anyone who desires to be engaged in the battle for "true" (as opposed to "comprehensive") immigration reform in this great nation.

Our Mission:

• To speak from Texas with a united voice to governmental leaders at all levels reminding them of their duty to protect and defend the citizens of Texas and this nation first and foremost.

• To demonstrate the support of Texans for secure, well-defined borders. This can be achieved through enforcement of our current immigration laws and enactment of additional immigration legislation designed to end the magnets and thus halt the flow of illegal aliens into our nation.

• To increase the networking capability of Texans and encourage their participation in the efforts of Texas immigration reform groups engaged in bringing about meaningful solutions and enforceable immigration related legislation.

• To educate Texans about the impact of illegal immigration at the city, state, and national levels through links to national immigration groups, related news articles, and events.

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